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Welcome to the TriPed Project

The Triped Robot is part of a larger Cooperation between the Proaut lab, he aries lab and the Institute of Medical Device Technology at the University of Stuttgart.

We are interested in the cooperation of humans and machines, particularly how machines can help people walk. For this purpose the University of Stuttgart has developed a new system in according to the specifications of the Proaut lab and delivered to the aries lab.

This system consists of three independent, one-legged robots, which are connected by a common platform. The goal is to investigate how several independent systems can walk together or even climb stairs.
The findings will be used to develop and control "automatic crutches" that walk on their own while stabilizing the user. For more information visit About.

Student involvment

The project, called TriPed, will start in the winter semester 2020/2021 and will be largely supported by students.
Interested students can not only make their mark on the project, but also may be able to be part of a scientific publication.
For more information about the TriPed visit Theses.

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